Die Uil is a true distillery


This means that the grain bill is sourced from within South Africa and converted into fermentable sugars. These sugars are fermented then distilled to obtain pure alcohol. Distilling in this manner allows for a superior quality product that is grafted from the first step in the process to the point that it is enjoyed by all!

A true Craft Gin!

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This is top class.
Very friendly service and great tasting gin and vodka

Very friendly and knowledgeable service. Real passion for distilling.

What a nice experience....gin, vodka and chilli....the vibe is nice will def go again.....👌🍸🌶

authentic distillery of Vodka & Gin.
No fancy over the top decorated drinks, but only pure & tasteful distilled spirits.
Definitely a must try.
By appointment only, so do take note





Pieter Vlok


Willa Bothma